You Tan From the INSIDE OUT

health-care-spending-in-the-united-states-selected-oecd-countries_chart11Most people that are new to tanning do not realize that you actually tan from the inside out. All those tanning lotions that they are slathering on really do not do the job. Your body produces melatonin which causes the coloration of your skin from the sun. Melatonin is a naturally occurring chemical in your body that has among many of its function the duty of darkening up the pigment in your skin to protect you from the sun.

This hormone is produced by the pineal gland and has many functions. It is found in all mammals and other animals and even in some plants. Melatonin helps to regulate the sleep cycle as well. This potent hormone is the key to a darker deeper all natural tan not tanning lotions.

Putting on The Lotion

When you use tanning lotions it may be more for your belief benefit than it is actually for your tanning benefit. There is a lot of research that goes into how to protect the body from the sun that backs up tanning lotion claims but if you take a minute to read the list of things that makes up your tanning lotion it quickly becomes clear that maybe it is not as effective as you once thought it was.

As a matter of fact putting on lotion may actually be not so great for your skin when you consider that you are clogging your pores and using chemicals that may ultimately be harmful to your skin.

If you tan from the inside out than what is the point of putting something on the outside of your skin that is meant to make you tan?

The Benefits

Don’t throw your lotions out just yet. Of course tanning lotions should not be completely discounted they do good things for your skin too. Most act as an excellent moisturizing agent some contain antioxidants and you may even be able to find all natural options as well.

Lotions with high SPF numbers can also protect people with fair skin from sunburn. There are benefits to using sun tanning lotions but they are not exactly the benefits that are advertised since you do tan from the inside out.

A good rule of thumb is to not overpay for a lotion. Read the label and understand the ingredients and keep your expectations in check because you do tan from the inside out!

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Wasted Money

09_HealthEveryone is trying to save money these days including me! I was really blown away when I realized a couple of years ago how much money I was blowing on tanning lotions. I would rationalize the expense because I had it in my head thanks to some really great marketing that if I wanted the best tan than I needed to drop big bucks on the best tanning lotions.

It was really nuts when I think back now. I used to easily drop two to three hundred dollars a month on tanning lotions especially when I was using the tanning bed. Such a crazy amount of money!

The Fear Factor

In the US especially advertising agencies use the “fear factor” to sell us a host of products particularly personal care products. If you don’t buy this product than this will happen. All the wealthy people use that product. The litany is endless of things the public is told to get them to spend spend spend.

At the end of the day I came to two realizations. 1. Almost all the expensive lotions had one thing in common the first ingredient on the ingredient list is water. 2. They all worked exactly the same regardless how much I spent.

In the US the first ingredient on the ingredient label is the predominant ingredient. That means all that money that I was spending I was mostly paying for water! If you check the labels on even the top selling most expensive tanning lotions they all contained just about the same ingredients but in different proportions. There is no magic in tanning lotions! The fear factor was not working on me. I no longer cared if I choose the right lotion.

How I Save

I made a simple choice to save money. I had to find a better way to spend my money! Throwing it away on useless tanning lotions was not the answer. I found Melanotan! It is an effective way to get the tan I want without the side effects of laying out in the sun or even using a tanning bed AND I did not have to use expensive tanning lotions anymore!

It was a win win situation for me! Melanotan USA gave me the tan that I wanted, it elevated my mood as an increase in melatonin is known to do and it put money back in my pocket! It is the better way to tan!

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Can Tanning Lotions Really Give You The Best Tan Ever?

Fotolia_12998841_XXLwebI love to be tan. The money I have spent over the years trying to find that secret tanning formula from the hundreds of tanning lotions I have tried over the years is a testament to my willingness to go to great extents to find the perfect tan.

I paid diligent attention to all the advertising. I read celebrity magazines to try to pick up hints as to what the stars were using. I went as far as trying to come up with my own special formula when I got tired of trying the endless offerings of commercial tanning lotions.

The Role of Tanning Lotions

The advertising companies do a great job of presenting tanning lotions as the end all when it comes to tanning. They hype them up so that the consumer (that would be us) believes that the perfect lotion is going to result in the perfect tan however there may not be a lot of truth to the claims.

Your body tans not because of what you put on it but because of what is created in it. Of course if you use bronzers in your tanning lotions that will increase the appearance of a tan but it does not mean you are any tanner.

Tanning lotions largely are heavy duty moisturizers that make your skin appear more supple. You are paying a lot of money for very little product actually when it comes down to it.

A Better Mouse Trap

The race begins every spring! Each of the tanning lotions manufacturers set out to convince the consumer that their product is a better product that will result in a better tan. The problem is that almost all tanning lotions contain the same basic ingredients.

Those ingredients are water, some sort of oil and in many cases some sort of chemical that is considered an SPF. The tanning lotions that contain any sort of SPF will block the sun’s rays so how does that help you get the “best tan ever”. The lotions that do not contain an SPF ( do they even make those anymore?) are heavy in pore clogging oils. Ultimately try as they might manufacturers have not found a better way to make tanning lotion products.

So if they are all basically the same and nothing new has come along is there a way that tanning lotions can give you a better tan or are you just wasting your money? That is something to think about.

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