How to get the Best Tan from a Tanning Bed

If getting a deep, dark healthy tan is a priority for you, then you should know how to get the best tan from a tanning bed by choosing the right tanning lotions. The following tips can help you to get the best tan for your money when you choose to visit a tanning booth.

Tanning Lotion Tips

• Speak to a Consultant: Trained tanning consultants can help you choose the best lotion for your skin type.
• Purchase from a trusted source: You can find tanning bed lotion either in store or online. Either way, ensure that you are buying from a reputable company.
• Apply your lotion evenly
• Do not waiver: Once you pick a lotion, stick with it for best results.
• Apply your lotion half an hour before you plan to head to the tanning bed.
Tanning Bed Tips
• Always use a tanning lotion. Begin with an accelerator and, when you reach your plateau, opt for a bronzing lotion. These tanning lotions are available at your local tanning salon.
• Build up your time. Do not stay in the tanning bed for the full amount of time right away. Instead, start out with half of the time. For example, if you are using a 15-minute tanning bed, stay in it for about seven minutes when you are just starting. Work your way up to 15-minute sessions gradually to avoid burning.
• Keep your skin moisturized by using an after-tanning moisturizer. You can purchase this at your local tanning salon. This is an essential step because it will replenish the moisture that your skin loses when you tan.
By following the above tips, you will obtain a tan that you will be proud to show off. Take your time when you go to the tanning beds to ensure your own personal safety.

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Tanning Lotion for Fair Skinned People

Many people have fair skin. If you are one of those people, like me with very light skin, some tanning lotions will work better for you. Read on to learn more about the types of lotions you should consider using.

Tanning Lotions

If you are planning to go tanning at a local tanning salon, the process for paler skinned individuals is a little bit different from the process for those who have a darker complexion. To begin, you will want to start with an accelerator type tanning lotion. Start very slowly so that your skin obtains a base tan first.

Type of Tanning Beds

The type of tanning bed that you select is of utmost importance too. If you are a beginner, you may think that choosing the lowest level makes sense. However, the lowest level on a tanning bed will use a lesser quality bulb, which in turn emits more UV rays and can damage your pale complexion easily. The high-level tanning beds use the expensive bulbs and are of a much higher quality, keeping the UV rays to a minimum.
When choosing to go to a tanning salon, if you have a pale complexion, choose the best tanning lotion you can find for your pale skin and the best tanning bed that you can afford.

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Why I Love Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

I spent many summers looking orange, trying to find the right self-tanning lotion. I mean I probably tried a hundred different tanning lotions before I found Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. This is, by far the best self-tanning lotion on the market in my opinion! Let me tell you why I love it so much.
This is one formula that is easy to apply and does not leave your skin with streaky, orange marks. Instead, it provides a nice, natural looking color. It does not change your skin color immediately so if you are looking for instant gratification, then this is not the right product for you. It does take a few days, about three days of consecutive use to see a difference in the color of your skin. I love the way it also leaves an added sheen on my skin, almost sparkly. I feel pretty when I use this lotion.

Easy to Use

For best results, use this lotion on a daily basis. Similar to other self-tanners, this moisturizer is meant to be applied to your skin daily. It will provide you with a gradual tan over the course of each application. Using it daily also helps to ensure that any spots you miss one day will be less noticeable as time goes on. This tanning lotion is simple to use, you just rub it into your skin the way you would use any other moisturizer. Where most self-tanners can take up to 30 minutes to dry, Jergens takes about 10 minutes to dry.

The Odor and the Feel

Jergens Natural Glow has a unique odor. Some people really hate it but there is nothing that Jergens can do about it. This odor is caused by the chemical DHA (dihydroxyacetone,) although it does contain less DHA than many of the other products in this category. Once it dries, I really cannot smell the DHA, instead it smells more like your typical suntan lotion.

As you would expect from the Jergens name, this good daily moisturizer feels great on the skin. It is soothing to dry skin and is full of plant oils, which make it emollient rich. It offers enough moisture to be able to use it in place of your regular body lotion.
I really like to use this moisturizer on my legs, especially after keeping them covered all winter. My legs are usually so pale that they look nearly transparent. This lotion helps tone down that pale look and keeps my legs smooth, even after shaving.
The only place I do not use this is on my face. My face usually tans up nicely on its own but even still Jergens makes a version of this lotion specifically for the skin on your face. The face lotion also contains SPF to protect your delicate facial skin from the harmful rays of the sun.
Overall, this lotion is a great investment if you do not want to spend hours in a tanning bed or outside absorbing harmful UV rays but want to look like you do. This lotion is good for your skin versus the other, harmful options that are available.

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What I look for in Tanning Lotions

With summer on its way, it is time to start thinking about things like tanning lotions again. After all, nothing looks as good on any person as that natural glow from the sun. When I am looking for a new tanning lotion, there are advantages that I look out for.

Things to Look for

Some of the qualities I like to find in my lotion include the following:
• Suitable for all types of skin
• Outstanding bronzing capabilities for a deep tan that glows
• A system that fights skin free radicals
• Boost skin tone, appearance and elasticity
• Light, not greasy feeling
• UV protection
• Mild, pleasant odor
• Does not turn skin orange

Ialso really enjoy a good sunless tanning lotion. The right one can provide you with a safe and natural looking tan without risking skin damage from too much exposure to the sun. Self-tanners are available in many different formulas include mousse, moisturizing lotions, pads that work to exfoliate and soften the skin and creams.
The best sunless-tanning lotion not only provides moisture to the skin but also provides me with a natural color, not orange while going on streak free. The formula that you choose will probably depend on both how dark you want your color to go and what you want the product to do. For instance, if you are looking to add moisture to your skin, then a moisturizer or cream will do the trick. If you are looking to exfoliate your skin, try one of the self-tanning pads instead.

The tanning pads, also called wipes are hard to apply. Some brands have a clear formula that is difficult to apply without causing streaks. The ones that work will work well and provide you with a beautiful, natural looking color. After you use them, since they exfoliate your skin, your skin is left feeling soft and luxurious. Best of all, the color will normally last at least a week.


If you are like me, you have always been curious about melanotan. This manufactured chemical is similar to the hormone that our bodies produce called melanocyte. This hormone increases the pigments in our skin that helps our skin turn darker. Tanning treatments require the smallest bit of this chemical to be injected under the skin for optimal results. I find it interesting that melanotan also has been shown to be effective in helping men obtain erections when they suffer from erectile dysfunction. There are a few side effects including nausea and decreased appetite, but overall there does not appear to be any side effects that are too serious.
Tanning lotions, whether you are seeking a sunless tanning solution or a good lotion that you can use to go out in the sun should all contain UV protection. UV protection is essential to help prevent your skin from becoming damaged by the harmful rays of the sun. If you are like me, you will also want one that smells good, goes on light, and does not leave your skin feeling greasy.

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